M3LOGI - Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

M3LOGI also provides the service of custom clearance at all the ports around Japan. We help our customers to deal with changes in regulations, complexities in trade and ensure that their shipments smoothly move through the borders avoiding any kind of custom related issues. When dealing with transportation of vehicles across the countries, our valued customers need to follow several regulations and require professional guidance in this regard. To provide this service to our customers, we have maintained relations with various custom clearing agents at different ports of Japan. We can aid you in the whole process and you can make your custom invoices with the help of our experts in the field. If you want seamless transport of cargo/vehicles across the borders, M3LOGI provides you the service to simplify the trade and help you avoid all kinds of penalties and irregularities by dealing with the process of customs brokerage for your vehicles.