M3LOGI - Land Transportation

land transportation

M3LOGI has attained the legal authority from the Japanese government to transport the cargo anywhere within Japan. Land transportation services offered at M3LOGI include the transportation of vehicles from several kinds of origins to various destinations. We can facilitate you to carry your cargo/vehicles from one point to another such asauto auctions, yards or ports. Auto auctions is a fast growing trend in Japan, several auctions are being held on daily basis and people buy various vehicles from them, M3LOGI aims to facilitate these buyers by providing them the facility to transport their vehicles to the desired destinations. We take out your cargo/vehicles from the auctions before the deadlines and transport it to the desired endon time. At M3LOGI, you can place order(s) through our easy to use online application where you can also track down your orders few clicks away. You can communicate with us regarding any changes you want to make through our online application. Moreover we provide you with the complete information about the location of your cargo/vehicles. In addition to that we also take orders through fax and email depending on your preference. You just have to place the orders to transport your vehicle from an auction, port or yard to any other auction, port or yard in Japan and M3LOGI will provide you themost convenient and cost effective service.


Auction to Yard

You can also avail our services at M3LOGI if you’re required to transport vehicles from auctions to different yards all around Japan. M3LOGI also have various yards of its own, if you get your vehicles transported to our yards then we can also provide you the service of warehousing for your vehicles depending on the customer’s demand. Providing the service of “Auctions to Yard” to our customers, we promise to meet the deadlines at auctions and ensure the safe delivery of cargo/vehicles at yards.


Auction to Port

M3LOGI provides land transportation services for the businesses who deals in vehicles bought from the auto auctions and are interested in transporting them to different ports around Japan. This service of “Auctions to Port” is for the buyers who want their vehicles bought from the auto auctions to be carried to different ports. We aim to provide you the most efficient service by ensuring to take your vehicles from auctions before the deadlines and confirming their timely delivery to the ports.


Auction to Yard

M3LOGI also provide the service of land transportation with another approach of “Auction to Auction” transport of vehicles. Considering the demand, we are also offering the transport of your vehicles from one auction to any other auction around Japan.

yard to yard

Auction to Yard

If your business demands carrying the vehicles from one yard to other yards, you can get the desired service at M3LOGI. We provide the facility of “yard to yard” transportation of vehicles to our customers.