M3LOGI - Yard Services

Safe Storage for Vehicles

Along with the transportation of vehicles, M3LOGI also provide yard services for its valued customers. If you�re worried about keeping your cargo/vehicles before they get transported to their destinations, M3LOGI can provide you the best service. We have maintained our own yards at various places in Japan and we store the vehicles of our customers for their desired duration of time. We have well trained staff at our yards to ensure security of goods by facilitating the loading and unloading of vehicles and also taking good care of them in the yards. We have chosen very safe and suitable locations for our yards and cameras are fixed all around which help us to ensure safety and security of the vehicles inside. We provide this warehouse facility so that vehicles can be kept safely at our yards and then we transport them to different ports, auctions or other yards as per the need of our customers.

Considering the importance of efficient vanning of vehicles into the containers, M3LOGI has maintained a professional team of well-trained staff to provide this facility for its customers. Our staff very carefully plans the loading of goods and decide the number of units in a container to ensure most cost-effective and safe delivery of vehicles.

Easy Data Access

M3LOGI provides access to complete information regarding your vehicles at our yards. We have appointed several individuals to maintain data of the cargo/vehicles at the yards. We can provide you the complete specification of your vehicles along with their pictures which are captured as the vehicles get transported to our yards.